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Extracts from the Catechism of the Catholic Church on ...

Heaven, Purgatory, Hell, Mary, New heaven new earth,  Justification, Grace,
Superstition, Idolatry,  Divination and magic, Irreligion, Atheism, Agnosticism, Graven images, Legitimate defense, Capital Punishment, Intentional homicide, Abortion, Euthanasia, Suicide, Chastity, Lust, Masturbation,  Fornication, Pornography, Prostitution, Rape, Homosexuality, Adultery, Divorce, Incest, Sexual abuse, Truth, False witness and perjury, Detraction and calumny, Lying, Greed, Envy, Saints, Infant baptism, Necessity of baptism, Mass of all ages.

CrossNo to abortion, yes to LIFE!

Priests for Life
Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

Pictures of unborn babies
Pictures of aborted babies

CrossStella Maris

Lourdes, France
Fatima, Portugal
Knock, Ireland



American Chesterton Society


CrossPilgrim Virgin

For reflection.....

Thank God YOUR Mother Was Pro-Life!

If you were an unborn baby,
at this moment,
would you want to be aborted?

abortion is genocide
Abortion is
an act of violence
that kills unborn babies.


The latest announcements can be found on Facebook undir the group: "Maríukirkja".

For more information phone
5577420 or 5577490.

Parish Priest
Father Denis O'Leary, Raufarseli 8, 109 Reykjavík.
Phone 557-7420 and 862-8246.

Father Mikolaj Kecik, Raufarseli 8, 109 Reykjavík.
Phone 557-7490 and 618-5550.

Masses in Mariukirkja

Mondays to Fridays 18:30

Saturdays 18:30 (in English)

Sundays 11:00

Children's Mass (September - May) Sundays at 12:15.

Eucharist Adoration

Every Monday and first Friday of the month at 19:00 - 20:00.

On first Monday of the month we pray for unborn children. All are welcome.

Sacrament of Confession / Reconciliation

Daily before Mass or by appointment.

Catechism classes for children

In St. Mary´s the classes for children from ages 6 - 14 begin every
Sunday at 11:00 and finish at 12:00. The children are also expected to
attend the children´s Mass which begins at 12:15. The Mass finishes at
13:00.  For more information call 557 7420.

Confirmation course

The confirmation course in St. Mary´s is two years long and is
intended for 12-13 and 13-14 years olds. That is to say those in 7th
and 8th class in school.


Masses in the South of Iceland

(Please be aware that very bad weather may cause the cancellation of a Mass with little or no advanced notice.)

Every Sunday, Mass in Icelandic ( with some Polish, English and
Visayan) is celebrated at Eyravegur 15 in Selfoss, on the 2nd floor, at 16:00.

Catholic Masses (held in Luthern churches)

(Thorlaks church) / Þorlákshöfn (Þorlákskirkja)
The 1st Sunday of every month at 17:00 in Polish.

Westmann Islands 
Landakirkja church) / Vestmannaeyja (Landakirkja)
The 2nd Sunday of every month at 15:30 in Polish.

(Storolfshvols church) / Hvolsvöllur (Stórólfshvolskirkja)
The 3rd Sunday of every month at 17:00 in Polish.

(Selfoss church) / Selfoss (Selfosskirkja)
The 4th Sunday of every month at 17:00 in Polish.

For more information phone 5577420 or 5577490.

Catechism and confirmation classes

Catechism Classes and Confirmation Classes are held every Sunday at Eyravegi 15 in Selfoss.  In Polish at  14:30 and in Icelandic at 16:45.

For more information phone 5577420 or 5577490.





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